Going for a swim…

I’m just back from ten days in the Big Island of Hawaii, a trip planned and paid for months ago… thankfully.

We went diving and my knee did very well. Sometime in the next few days I’ll post some of Jay’s pretty underwater pictures.

But much more importantly, I feel quite optimistic, surprisingly. In May, Jay’s brother decided he no longer wanted to live in the owner-occupancy-only condo we owned and rented to him; a week of my life vanished as I spent it in Tulsa (Oklahoma) cleaning and staging the condo; we sold it in late July for not too much less than we’d paid nine years before.

In mid-June, Stacia was hit by a car while riding her bicycle; her collarbone was broken and her knee badly bruised, but she has healed well and appears to be on the road to a full recovery. Insurance settlement talks are proceeding.

In early August, the bike biz was ravaged by a warehouse fire that destroyed all the inventory in that warehouse. The insurance has paid, so far, about half the value–but we’re back in business and things are looking up. We should get the rest of the insurance money over the next few months.

And last week, twice, I swam with spinner dolphins. TWICE. Spinner dolphins are possibly the coolest mammals out there, and I say this with all due deference to poodles. For one thing, they can have sex while they swim. For another thing, they often leap out of the water and spin around, clearly just for the fun of it.

And finally, spinner dolphin babies are the cutest babies ever. Possibly cuter than my own children were at that age. Seriously. The second day, there were two tiny babies with the pod I swam with. The babies were curious about me and approached me. Imagine a miniature dolphin, about a foot long, swimming over to see what and who you are!

Clearly, my luck has turned.