Plate Removed…

I had the hardware removed from my femur Thursday the 8th. My doctor told me it would be a faster recovery this time. I sort of believed him. But today I actually feel pretty good, and it’s been seven and a half hours since my last pain pill. I am using my cane, but more because I promised I would… The risk of fracturing the weakened bone is fairly high.

The surgery went smoothly. One very interesting experience.

They used a femoral nerve block and a spinal block for anesthesia (and an amnesiac for during). When they were putting in the spinal, they had some difficulty penetrating the back–they were being very gentle, and backing off every time I said it hurt, and I finally had to say “oh get it over with”–and then they penetrated a group of nerves, and I felt an entire nerve network fire, from top to tip, in a spreading pulse. Looking it up, I assume they stimulated the saphenous nerve, judging by the path I felt.

(They hit it twice.)

Of course it was wildly painful, but so quickly that it was over before I could react, except for the sort-of-tingly feeling that remained afterwards that let me analyze the path.

It was quite fascinating, as weird as that sounds, because it made me completely aware of how the nerve works. There was a distinct time interval from top to bottom, although it was very fast, I’d say microseconds. Definitely not instantaneous. I think they were startled by the fact that I found it more interesting than painful after it was over (since it made me shriek when it happened).

Sometimes it’s helpful to be a gnurd.