Dog breeders, dog “rescue”, purebreds, and mutts

Out here in the land of dogs, we have all been following the saga of the Obama family puppy with great interest. Our President, who has managed to pass several items on his agenda and reverse several Bush edicts, has not yet managed to find a new puppy for his girls, despite having had months to look. Why not? Well, it seems he’s bowed to political expediency and agreed to take in a rescue dog rather than a purebred. It wouldn’t do for him to seem snobbish, I gather. (Because people with purebred dogs are SUCH snobs!)

But the Obama family also needs a dog that won’t aggravate their daughter’s allergies, that won’t bite the press corps or the staff, that doesn’t offend the public. One hates to assume that they have done polls on the subject, but who knows? Everything else has gotten polled.

They’ve decided on a Portuguese Water Dog, an admirable breed whose sense of humor is almost as good as the Poodle.

And they want to get a PWD from rescue. This is not an easy task. The issues are beautifully addressed by this article from the LA Times: The Obama Family Dog Saga.

I wish them the best.