Talking to Strangers

I talk to a lot of people who just like poodles. Today it was an elderly black man on a bicycle who stopped to admire the girls. He wanted to know if they needed a big place to run around. We talked about their coat and what it takes to maintain it. He asked about the house we’re renting “wasn’t that for sale just a while ago?” I explained that the owners mostly rented it. “I can’t remember when they built them, but it wasn’t that long ago.” “1989. You’ve lived around here a long time, then?”

His reply: “oh yes, I’ve lived here since before that young black jazz musician used to come down from Seattle and play on the corner near the Steel Bridge. What was his name, I know you’ve heard of him… He was great.”

He paused a few minutes to think. “Oh yeah. Jimmy something.”

“Jimi Hendrix?”

“Oh yes, he was GOOD!”

And he bicycled off and I took the girls back inside.