Utterly off-topic

It’s Independence Day! And hoorah and hooray for our country! I may get frustrated with her from time to time, but give me the Bill of Rights any day.

My corn is far from knee-high (is it “my” corn if my daughter did all the planting work but I’m watching it while she bicycles across the country?) but my potatoes are amazing this year. I think they liked the spring weather. I’ve taken to making myself potato pancakes for lunch. I microwave an apple and put it in the blender to make applesauce. I dig up a potato or two, wash it and grate it, squeeze out the liquid, mix it with an egg (and some salt), then put it in the pan in a bit of very hot olive oil. I push it down with the spatula to make a pancake. It takes about as long to describe as it does to make.

I also have grown beets for two years now. I love the colors! I like them as sprouts when they’re very tiny, roasted whole when they’re marble-size, and now that they’re bigger, I’ve been making beet chips–sliced thin, tossed with olive oil and salt, and roasted on a SilPat until crispy. Astonishingly good.

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