Daily Archives: June 12, 2011


Finally home after a trial, a trip to Kansas, and another trial. I’m exhausted. I had a good time with my sister, however, and enjoyed seeing my brother and his wife and one of my nephews.

Dancer has been doing very well indeed in NADAC, including one of the most amusing two-on-two-off contacts ever on Saturday…. She stopped just above the yellow–because I’d stopped–and then dropped off the side in a very nice stretched-out contact. The judge laughed; I laughed; spectators laughed. But the fact is, she gave me great contacts this weekend. We took second in one round of Elite regular today–and first in the other. I should add that she was the only 20+ dog to Q in both rounds. People thought they were tough courses with tight call-offs; I thought there was plenty of room if I cued the turn well, and I would say that Dancer agreed. She finished her Elite Regular title today.

She Q’d only in Jumpers yesterday, but we were both re-syncing after my five days away, and parts of every single run were great–just not the whole run. Even in the Jumpers run, I felt she could have done better (she was fifth–how embarrassing!).

Dancer got her first ever Q in Elite Chances today, including a TWENTY-foot distance line parallel to the dogwalk.

I was very pleased yesterday with Elly, who got her third Q (ever) in Novice Touch-N-Go and now has her NADAC Novice Versatility Award. To my knowledge, only about fifteen standard poodles have gotten the award (Dancer of course is one of them). As I said to a friend (who knows Elly well), for Elly, the Novice Versatility Award is like a MACH for any other dog, given her challenges.

Official results:
Dancer: Elite Jumpers: 147 yards, 30.67 sec, SCT: 30.95 sec (5th)
Elite Regular 1: 183 yards, 45.37 sec, SCT: 48.8 sec (2nd)
Elite Regular 2: 183 yards, 47.11 sec, SCT: 48.8 sec (1st)
Chances: Q

Elly: Touch N Go: 169 yards, 41.61 sec, SCT: 52 sec (2nd)