Fun at the training barn

I was down at the training barn with three dogs today. That was different!

I left Rush loose and worked with Dancer and Elly one at a time. I did contacts with Dancer (surprise, surprise) and Rush ran after me while I ran. I did heeling with Elly and Rush trotted after Elly… with a bit of extra distance. Elly’s growled at him a few times. She does not approve of him getting too close to her food. Rush has figured out pretty quick that Dancer thinks he’s okay and Elly’s a grouch.

I didn’t want to train too much; I was mainly there to take advantage of the safe and different environment. After I’d done a few more contacts, I threw the ball for Dancer a few times. Rush thought that was great and started running after Dancer. Dancer thought it would be even more fun to play keep-away with Rush, and the two of them did laps around the barn for a bit. I got a second ball and threw it for Rush, and he chased it, picked it up and brought it back to me. I threw it again, and he brought it back again.

I’ve never had a retriever before. I’m worried I may not be able to keep up with this dog!

2 thoughts on “Fun at the training barn

  1. Deena

    Puppy lust is what I am having. Rush sounds very smart for a baby dog – your going to have such fun with him!

  2. Amy

    How awesome is that? Gyver only plays fetch when we are away from home…and those handled throwers come in handy!

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