Daily Archives: July 16, 2011

Progress on the list

Yesterday we went to Home Depot, where I worked on socialization (of all kinds) with Rush. I worked on car travel (he’s pretty good in the car already!); we did a little crate training (he needs to get better about coming out!); we need to work on bite inhibition even more–his sharp little teeth left a few small holes in Jay, although he is getting better; I clicker-trained a go-to-mat beginning (it needs more work); we played ItsYourChoice outside at the restaurant where we had dinner (sat outside so he could come) and he got to eat cheese rinds as a reward; while we watched TV I touched everything, tapped toenails, and brushed him just a little. Just before bed he had a burst of energy and we played the Come Game in the hall for a few minutes. He also did very well about peeing outside (he raised a leg this morning!) but tried to poop in the bathroom (alas, not in the toilet). Jay caught him, though, and got him outside.

I am having difficulty with “walk nicely on leash”. He’s so interested in the world around him that he forgets to walk, and a short walk is more like a short drag. He does best if Dancer is with me; he likes to walk with the big dog. I think this is an indication I need to work on Reinforcement Zone more. (I must say, though, it’s weird to have a dog that doesn’t pull!)