Today’s shaping project

Today’s shaping project was to shape Rush to jump into a box (low box) and sit down in it.

It took about forty treats but we got there.

The big girls (Dancer and Elly) were watching through the glass of my office door and so I gave them a chance as soon as I was done with Rush.

Elly walked in, scoped out the project, let me click her for putting one paw in the box, then hopped right in and sat down. She got the whole handful immediately, and I put her in her crate while I went on to Dancer.

Dancer gently touched the box with one paw, got the treat, then tried that several times. Finally she put one paw down, click/treat, then two, click/treat. Now I wanted her to put all four feet in, but she just couldn’t manage it, the box just didn’t fit her. I missed an opportunity to click her rear feet when she walked through the box without pausing, then she did it again, and that time I did click, and she stopped with just her rear feet in the box. I waited a second and she sat down in the box, with her front feet out. Fine with me; I’m big on knowing where your back feet are right now (contacts and all that). I made her do it twice more before I gave her the last few treats and quit.