Daily Archives: July 18, 2011

Working on the list, again

I keep working on my list, trying to make sure I hit as much of the socialization and basic training as I can every day. Today we swung by the vet’s and went in and everyone fed him treats; a great big dog and a dachshund who needed to lose a little weight came in and Rush ignored them politely (“I’m too busy getting treats here.”).

From there we went to the barn and a friend greeted him and fed him treats and even held him for a bit, then we went in and–indignity of indignities, from his point of view–I played with Dancer and Elly while he waited his turn in the ex-pen. After a bit, he actually figured out that if he sat nicely, he got treats even though I was working with the big girls. He got a few turns, too, and we worked on walking next to me and on coming to me when I called him.

I had a tug toy out and we played with that for a while. I wanted him to chase the toy and bring it to me to play, and he did that four times. I got out a clicker and some treats, and put two NADAC-style hoops about six feet apart, and I used shaping to teach him to go through the hoops. He really liked that: “You mean, all I have to do is walk through here and you give me hot dog with blood dripped on it? Way cool!”

About the blood: he’s a piranha. Incredibly sharp teeth. We’re doing a LOT of bite inhibition work. He’s starting to get it… Starting to.