Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Little puppy in the big city….

I’m still working on socialization. I took Rush to downtown Portland to visit Scott at his office–and meet more people and get fed treats by more people–and then we walked about three blocks to a restaurant where we were planning to eat lunch outside. Mobbed with people so we walked back to a food cart that had weird food (but we were hungry so we ate it anyway). Rush thought it was a lot to take in, so he did what he always does: he sat down to contemplate the big world. Scott stood behind him and sort of scooped him into a stand with his feet, very gently. That got Rush moving, and he decided to keep going until we got to the corner. Stopped there to think about traffic. He walked nicely with me for three blocks or so, with an occasional stop to contemplate the world around him. There were big dogs and little dogs and all sorts of smells, strange noises, and big cars. And he had a leash and a harness on too and isn’t that just all too much!

He came home and fell deeply asleep in the middle of a stretch.