Please, Sir, may I have some gruel?

Rush has learned to sit when he wants something:

Rush, age 10 1/2 weeks, 15 pounds

Today’s excursion was to a cafe near OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). OMSI is underneath two freeways, basically, at the edge of the industrial district, and right next to the Willamette River. There were lots of trucks, and freeway noise, and a train went by (and blew its whistle at the level crossing)–and Rush was unflappable. We walked down a steep ramp to a dock on the Willamette, and he carefully stepped over the slats that are designed to help the two-footed climb up the ramp safely. He watched boats go by, curious, and watched the water and balanced on the edge of the dock to watch waves go under the dock. He watched children and cyclists and generally just drank it all in, quite relaxed. He walked right next to me on a loose leash until he was just too tired and asked to be carried back to the car.

He slept in the car on our way to the warehouse, and then followed me around the warehouse, politely greeting people but always staying with me when asked. We drove home, all the dogs had lunch, and then Rush slept, deeply, for almost three hours.

This morning I used the clicker to teach him to sit on the scale. He weighs 15 pounds today.