Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

Visiting friends

Yesterday Dancer had some minor surgery–a few lumps that needed to be removed for biopsy (results next week but the vet’s hunch is that they’re benign, so I’m not worrying (too much))–so Elly and Rush and I went to visit Deena. She has a magical backyard that was Elly’s idea of heaven. It’s large, and there are trails through the bushes, and chickens to watch, and a big pond with koi to watch, and places to lie in the sun and places to lie in the shade. I was pleased that Elly did not manage to escape this paradise; good fences are essential with Elly.

Rush and Elly explored every inch of the yard. Rush fell in the pond and Deena helped him find his way out (that’s his first time swimming and he did very well). Deena’s two dogs, Magic and Jenny, played nicely with Rush.

It was a lovely, exhausting day–Rush slept until 7 this morning!

(Oh, and in the morning, while Dancer was being checked in at the vet’s, I worked on Rush enjoying the vet’s office. Rush got treats from everyone; he got his paws touched and got treats; he got his ears checked and got treats; he got his teeth checked and got treats; he got treats just for being at the vets. Elly got treats and got weighed, too. Her weight is holding nicely at 52 pounds.)