Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

Quick weekend report

It was an interesting weekend. Dancer spent Saturday leaping her contacts and left me in despair (although she did manage a single Q for the day, in Full House); Sunday Elly Q’d in snooker and so did Dancer; in addition, Dancer managed a Q in regular and got all her contacts in both rounds (with a teeter flyoff, of all things, the reason she didn’t Q in the second round of regular).

Joe Camp was there and took some wonderful photos of the girls and of Rush. Here’s Rush, strutting his stuff for the cameras (edit: I just noticed he’s pacing, not trotting, in this photo!):

Rush, photo by Joe Camp

So, a different shot of Rush, trotting in this one:

Rush, photo by Joe Camp

And here is Dancer, showing off her weaves:

Dancer, photo by Joe Camp

And a rather different view of Elly (she was doing exactly what I asked her to do, and no, we weren’t going the wrong way):

Elly, photo by Joe Camp