A change….

I was gone for the weekend (went to my sister’s wedding in Rhinebeck, NY–and yes, it got a little wet, thank you so much, Irene). This morning I put Dancer and Elly in puppy jail and took Rush for a formal walk around the block. I needed a walk, and he seemed very energetic. We’ve done a lot of loose-leash walking in training; it just seemed like a good idea.

Well, that was the first time that he seemed more interested in what was around us than he was in me and my treats. He walked in the grassy sidewalk medians, sniffing. He looked at every car. He stopped and stared at people on the other side of the street. He spent a LONG time quietly watching a cat. Yes, he walked nicely, but a few times I had to work HARD to get his attention.

My puppy is growing up! and fast!