I’ve been doing hill repeats up Mt. Tabor of late. I realized that walking the dogs was definitely keeping them fit, but wasn’t really improving my fitness, because it wasn’t quite enough stress. I talked to Jay about it, and he suggested cycling up Mt. Tabor a few times and doing it a few times a week. I started with twice up (and twice down) and noticed immediate improvements to my knees, my stamina and my running speed. When it got easier (not easy, easier), I went to three times up. (Scott points out that’s when I started doing repeatS (with the S) rather than repeat (without the S). Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Monday I did three climbs (that would be one climb and two repeats, Scott); I was on my way home when I hit a patch of ice, felt my bike start to slide, and actually managed to fall well, in that I landed on the back of my shoulder, didn’t hit my head, didn’t hit my knees or hips. I actually remembered those obnoxious lessons my mother gave me in how to fall (she used the sofa cushions); I was ten at the time, so that was 46 years ago. This is not the first time it’s come in handy (once I actually managed to trip, roll, and come back to my feet, but I was twenty-three then), but it’s been a long long time.

So I didn’t break anything. I did bruise my shoulder pretty badly, and it will be a while before I can tug with Rush in training, but it’s healing pretty quickly. I actually think I didn’t tear anything either. If that’s true, I should heal nicely.