Daily Archives: December 12, 2011


I took Dancer and Rush down to Monmouth for the WAG NADAC games trial this weekend. Rush was not participating, but he got to sleep in a hotel room (on the bed, no less), run in the fields, play with Dancer (and a poodle puppy named Guinness), hang out in the car. In short, he had the whole trial experience except for the part where he went into the ring to do agility. He did very well with the whole thing; I was very proud of him.

Dancer did have some runs. She ran Tunnelers first thing Saturday and came in fifth in her class (which was actually quite competitive), running 5.9 yards per second. She had two Weavers runs, both of which were NQs; she had two Touch N Go runs, both of which were NQs. Sunday, she had two Weavers runs, both of which were NQs, and two Touch N Go runs, one of which was an NQ. Don’t get excited, because the other one was an E. We finished up the day with a Q (unbelievably) in Tunnelers.

The E run in Touch N Go was both a flaming disaster and highly successful. The course was hoop-to-a-frame and of course she jumped the contact on the a-frame. I stopped her, made her come around, and she jumped the contact again. I stopped her again, brought her around again, and that time she stuck the contact nicely. I let her continue over the top of the course, over the dogwalk, and expected her to stop there too. She did. That was a very nice contact, and so I was very pleased, indeed.

If I hadn’t been an idiot and let her contacts slide the first run, the second run, and the third run in Touch N Go, perhaps I would have gotten better contacts on the fourth run. I am an idiot. I have to remember that the next Qs are more important than the one Q. She did come close to qualifying in one of the earlier TNG runs, though; she was over time by 0.49 seconds. Maddening.