Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Two-tunnel games

I set up two curved tunnels, like this:


where there was about twenty-five feet between the ends of the tunnels.

For Rush, I stood in the center, like this:


and I sent Rush to one end of one tunnel, then did a front cross and sent him to the other tunnel. I could also send him straight, or pull him tight to send him back into the same tunnel he just came out of.

It was a great way to teach front crosses, and Rush enjoyed it. Today I tried it with a jump (bar on the ground, of course) and a tunnel, and he still read the front crosses correctly.

For Dancer, I stood outside the circle, like this:


and I used “out” and “here”, combined with a step toward the tunnels and a step away from the tunnels to send Dancer to the tunnel end I had in mind. She did circles and figure 8s, just like Rush, but I never crossed her path, and I didn’t do any front or rear crosses; I did path management by drawing the path, using verbals (“out” and “here”) and pressure on her line (step in, step out).

As Dancer and I got better at the game, I stepped further away from the tunnels, like this:



Tunnels seem to work well for this game, I think because they’re a big obvious target, don’t involve a lot of calculation (no take-off-point), and don’t present complicated angles.