Confessions of a gadget junkie

My name is Diana and I love gadgets.

(Anyone who has seen me with my iPhone knows this. I download all the silly little gadgets. I have the flashlight. I have the weather station. I have the compass. I talk to Siri.)

Anyway, while Jay and I were at the AT&T Wireless store checking out the new iPhone 5 (pass, for now), I saw a little gadget called a Fitbit. It’s a tiny little thing, designed to be clipped on your clothes. It keeps track of how many steps you take, approximately how far that is, and how many flights of stairs you climb. Yep. It’s an expensive pedometer with a built-in clock. It has a base station that you plug into your computer to charge it. When you get the Fitbit near the base station, it communicates with the base station to update your steps and your flights of stairs.

I developed gadget lust, immediately. Something small and unobtrusive that I could use to see just how much exercise I was getting when I do agility? Sign me up. (I tried using my iPhone GPS tracker (yet another gadget) but it doesn’t work indoors. The iPhone pedometer programs chew through batteries like you would not believe.) I bought one. Two days later I lost it, but by then I was truly addicted and I bought another one. The second one I put on a leash clip so I could hook it to my belt loop instead of slipping it into my pocket (I think it fell out when I pulled out a poop bag).

Okay, this is a cute little gadget. It comes with a great website. Really. For the price of the Fitbit you get the best food log software I’ve found (yes, I’ve tried a bunch of the iPhone food logs). You get an iPhone app and an Android app (for my Kindle Fire) (speaking of gadgets). You get cute graphs that show you how you’re doing on your goals for steps, for miles, for flights of stairs, for food… When you meet a goal, you get a cute email congratulating you. If Weight Watchers had given me a tenth of this stuff for the $16.95/month they were charging me, I would have been ecstatic. (I cancelled that membership after three months of being driven insane by their food log system.)

I’m trying to lose weight (it keeps finding me) because I’m going to need knee replacements in a few years if I don’t. I’m trying to lose weight so I have a prayer of keeping up with Rush in the ring. I’m trying to lose weight because I want to look really sexy at my 60th birthday party (in two and a half years). I saw a nutritionist and I have a plan… so far this latest gadget is helping me get there.

(And what does this have to do with agility and poodles? Well, I’m hoping that increased fitness and less weight to lug around will make me faster… and therefore I will do better in the ring.)