People ask me how I’m doing since Elly’s death. I’m okay, mostly, but I’m struggling with some of the habits I developed over the years with her. Compulsive ingredient reading of dog foods? Not needed. Double-checking gates and doors? Not needed. Fencing off the compost bin? Not needed. Obsessively cleaning off the counters? That one I still need…. but for different reasons.

I bought four different kinds of high quality kibble today. I’ve cooked for Elly for years, but now I can feed kibble if I want to. Or I can cook. Choices! I lined up the bags, I lined up the bowls, and I actually put four small bowls of four different kibbles in front of the dogs. They both ate their current kibble last (the one I use for breakfast). Dancer went back and forth between the other three bowls, trying each one before deciding to finish off the Acana (Wild Prairie). Rush sniffed all four bowls, then ate all of the Acana before moving on the next bowls.