Fancy little maneuver

Blind crosses and a fancy little maneuver.

I went yesterday to watch some of the best handlers in this part of the country compete in agility at the Rose City Cluster. It’s at the Portland Expo Center, and it’s on mats on concrete. A million spectators, children, dogs, vendors. Chaos. About the most distracting environment you could have.

Focused dogs and amazing handlers. Really really fast dogs. I was so impressed.

There’s a fancy little maneuver that Debbie’s been teaching us, called the Ketscher. (You want to check the link.)

You send the dog over the jump, then–while the dog is jumping, because Debbie’s rule is that you can make a blind cross while the dog is busy (on the a-frame, in a tunnel, jumping, doing weaves, etc.)–you make a blind cross. The dog turns tightly, the handler gets out of there in a hurry, and it’s a thing of beauty when done well.

I saw a lot of them yesterday, and it renewed my determination to get it right.

I had Jay video some of my work on it yesterday. See it here.