Daily Archives: March 28, 2013

Official results, CPE March 23-24

Jackpot, level 2: 49 points, 40.30 seconds
FullHouse, level 3: 39.21 seconds, 27 points
Standard, level 2: 141 yards, 45.34 seconds (SCT 61 sec)
Standard, level 2: 156 yards, 43.22 seconds (SCT 70 sec)
Jumpers, level 2: 112 yards, 20.68 seconds (SCT 41 sec)
Snooker, level 3: 52.40 seconds, 39 points

In Snooker, Rush knocked a bar, then actually sat and waited while I worked out how to get to the last red and where to go from there! What a good dog! However, it’s clear that I need to work on his GO! cue–I got several spins before the last jump.

Wildcard, level 5: 90 yards, 37.53 seconds (4 time faults)
Colors: Q
Snooker: 44.67 seconds, 47 points

Dancer’s teeter was excellent, but she was hesitant and slow over jumps… Debbie and I have worked out a plan to raise her enthusiasm level.