Daily Archives: December 11, 2014

Product reviews: Garmin FR10 and Flipbelt

The FlipBelt Black Medium is an odd product. It’s a tube of attractive stretchy spandex that is, functionally, one big pocket. I put it around my waist, I tuck my phone in, I flip it over so the holes are to the inside, I rotate it so the phone is at the small of my back, and I’m done. My phone doesn’t flap around, it doesn’t bother me, and I couldn’t get to it before it stopped ringing, even if I wanted to. (I actually switch off the ringer, because I really wish I didn’t carry a phone at all, but it does mean I can call Jay after I trip and fall. (In the last year or so, I’ve tripped and cracked a rib, tripped and torqued my knee, tripped and scraped my elbow, and tripped and had no ill effects at all. I called Jay after the knee and he came and got me. That was when he told me I really needed to always have my phone. For his peace of mind.)

(Incidentally, if you click on that link, Amazon will pay me a tiny little commission on the sale of a Flipbelt. In the seven years I’ve been writing this blog, those tiny little commissions have added up to just over $10. Total. This is not a paying gig.)

The Garmin FR10 is a cool gadget that lets me track my running progress in detail. Since I’m a data-driven person and I love seeing steady improvement, it’s been worth every penny in terms of getting myself out onto the trail on running days. It’s GPS, so worthless for things like step counting or treadmill use. The link I gave is to DCRainmaker’s product review. He writes amazingly thorough reviews of fitness electronics. I couldn’t possible compete.

Day 8, post-neutering

Rush has been taking gentle leash walks every day since his neutering. His recovery has been uneventful. Rimadyl to prevent inflammation, Tramadol for pain. The surgeon (Susan Nolte at Pacific Veterinary Hospital) did three layers of internal stitches, and Rush has not been bothered at all by the stitches. No need for an Elizabethan collar at all.

I have already noticed some behavior changes. First, while he’s never marked in the house, he now marks during walks with much less frequency. On our standard evening walks-around-the-block, which are the same ten minute walk every evening, he has always marked about twenty different places; now he simply pees at the beginning of the walk and perhaps once or twice after that. Last night, when the obnoxious poodle mix around the corner started barking from his yard–an event that usually prompts Rush to lunge toward the noise and start barking himself–he turned toward the noise, then decided to just keep walking with us. Yesterday afternoon when the neighbor’s papillon started barking and lunging toward Rush from the end of his Flexi (alas, his person thinks he’s cute when he does this), Rush started to bark and lunge back… then didn’t. I was all set to brace to keep him from lunging, too.

This morning’s slow run? He mostly kept the leash just slightly loose.

It’s going to be interesting to see what agility is like when we get back to practicing next week.