Day 8, post-neutering

Rush has been taking gentle leash walks every day since his neutering. His recovery has been uneventful. Rimadyl to prevent inflammation, Tramadol for pain. The surgeon (Susan Nolte at Pacific Veterinary Hospital) did three layers of internal stitches, and Rush has not been bothered at all by the stitches. No need for an Elizabethan collar at all.

I have already noticed some behavior changes. First, while he’s never marked in the house, he now marks during walks with much less frequency. On our standard evening walks-around-the-block, which are the same ten minute walk every evening, he has always marked about twenty different places; now he simply pees at the beginning of the walk and perhaps once or twice after that. Last night, when the obnoxious poodle mix around the corner started barking from his yard–an event that usually prompts Rush to lunge toward the noise and start barking himself–he turned toward the noise, then decided to just keep walking with us. Yesterday afternoon when the neighbor’s papillon started barking and lunging toward Rush from the end of his Flexi (alas, his person thinks he’s cute when he does this), Rush started to bark and lunge back… then didn’t. I was all set to brace to keep him from lunging, too.

This morning’s slow run? He mostly kept the leash just slightly loose.

It’s going to be interesting to see what agility is like when we get back to practicing next week.

2 thoughts on “Day 8, post-neutering

  1. Carol

    Wow! Those are some fast changes! Clooney’s marking habits changed instantaneously too but it took almost a year for his leash reactivity to get better. Could have been that I neutered him at one year vs. 3.5 years. Kudos to you for making it until he was well into adulthood! I wish I could have made it a year or so longer…but I was worried about his hernia and the neighborhood we live in isn’t really conducive to a wild intact poodle. (-: I’ll tell you the story over a drink one day.

  2. Cherie Barr

    Interesting that his marking behavior is changing so quickly. Being less reactive could be a blessing, Can’t wait to hear how practice goes.

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