Heads Up! This one is BORING! (Dieting and food and exercise. Like I said. BORING.)

I started this blog (8 or so years ago) with the intent of having it be a training log so that I could keep track of what I was doing. Now it’s become much more of a journal. Anyway. I’m excited (and no one else really cares much) because I’ve now lost just over forty pounds. I like round numbers and that one is divisible by 10 (four times!) which makes it especially likable. I started trying to lose weight by seeing a nutritionist in August of 2012 and that worked for a while–I lost thirty pounds in about a year–then I maintained for a year, then I decided to get serious again (since I’d gained some weight while training for last summer’s bike travel down the Oregon coast) and started going to Weight Watchers, mainly because of the public shaming aspect of it.

All I really did was commit to showing up on Mondays at noon for a meeting, but having committed to that–and paid for it on the automatic payment plan–then I feel like I don’t want to gain weight from week to week. Public shaming. I could stop going, but I’m adverse to wasting money. This is working.

I’ve also decided to be more serious about my running training. I like running. The dogs like it when I run with them. Getting more serious has made a difference. While Jay and I were in Palm Springs (for the annual get-fit-for-spring cycling boot camp that Jay has created for us), I ran two five-kilometer events. Well, one of them was a 6K, but I went through 5K at 37 minutes. A week later, I did the 5K at 35.01 minutes. I am still patting myself on the back for that one. Huge improvement over last fall’s 41-and-change, but of course that was up and down on Mt. Tabor.

Besides going to Weight Watchers, running, and counting all those stupid points (although it’s probably easier than counting calories directly), I’m also a) not eating anything where the first label ingredient is sugar, b) avoiding factory-produced foods as much as possible, c) only eating 7 French fries if I eat any, and d) eating an absolutely horrifying amount of fruits and vegetables. All of this seems to working to the tune of about half a pound a week. So it’ll only be another year to lose the twenty-four more pounds I’m hoping to lose.

And then I just need to keep eating carefully for the rest of my life. Not a big deal at all.