A rant: things I didn’t say to the last person who asked me about my weight

I have become a skeptical curmudgeon and rather self-righteous in the three years that I’ve been losing weight. I’m down fifty pounds (hooray for me) and still have about fifteen to go. However, my actual weight loss began when a nutritionist reviewed my eating logs (for three weeks) and told me “well, if you’re telling the truth, you should be losing a quarter to a half pound a week.”

I was telling the truth; at that point I’d been eating that way for about five years (and walking about two miles a day) and all that had happened was that I had stopped GAINING weight. I had thyroid testing and other health testing, too.

Rather than giving up, however, I took this as “hmm, my metabolism is in fact different.”

I went back to the “standard advice” of eat less, exercise more. I figured it was worth a shot. I started measuring every single bite I ate and writing it down and I upped my daily dog walks to 3 miles from 2. I started losing weight. Very very slowly, but I started losing weight.

I’ve given up almost all sweets, almost all processed food, almost all meals out, almost all carbohydrates. I’ve read an enormous amount of dieting psychology (small plates, put the food away after you serve yourself, etc.). I run three or four times a week. I get about 110,000 steps a week now.

The sweet young thing doctor I discussed this with a few weeks ago (I go to a teaching practice and she’s a second-year resident), when I turned sixty, told me “that sounds like you should be losing about two pounds a week.” I’m not. I’m losing about a pound a month. I go to Weight Watchers and I watch the other people losing weight faster than I am and they get no exercise at all and they talk about eating “just a small piece of chocolate cake.”

But… I’m not gaining, I am losing, I’m no longer considered pre-diabetic (fasting blood sugar has dropped from 105 to 92), my knees don’t hurt nearly as much as they used to, and I have enough stamina to run rings around people half my age.

And I’ve become a self-righteous judgmental prig about weight loss. People ask me “what did you do?” and I tell them all that, and they sigh and say “I couldn’t do that.” Of course they could. They just want it to be easier than that.

Well, news flash. It’s —bleep— hard. You want to lose weight? It’s hard. It requires that you change the habits of a lifetime. It’s HARD. Deal with it.

One thought on “A rant: things I didn’t say to the last person who asked me about my weight

  1. Lyn

    Thank you for all your posts about the weight loss journey. I find our goals and path oddly similar. Like you, I chose to get healthier to be better at agility for my two girls, a mini poodle and mini Aussie. Weight Watchers is also my love/hate tool of choice. Thanks for the inspiration to stay the path.

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