Mondays at Weight Watchers and other random thoughts

I started going to Weight Watchers meetings about a year ago. I go Mondays at noon, because of the benefits of what I call “Monday morning shaming.” That is, I find I don’t eat as much of the cake at agility trials (or the cookies or the other snack food) because I will be weighing myself semi-publicly on Monday morning. That is just enough of a nudge in the right direction to make weekends easier. Monday of this week (two days ago) I found myself on the scale, weighing exactly what I’d weighed a week before, which was 24.8 pounds down from when I started going to WW. Yes, I’ve “only” lost slightly less than 25 pounds in the last year. More on that in a moment.

I got off the scale, and took my car keys out of my pocket. I took off the very thin t-shirt I was wearing over my tank top. I pulled the empty plastic bags (poop bags, for the dog people reading this) out of my pocket. I put my Fitbit on the counter. (I’d previously removed my shoes and taken my phone out of my pocket.) In short, I went nuts, because really, what does all that have to do with my health or my weight?

Still, it did add up to another 0.4 pounds. Who knew? I’m contemplating wearing a bathing suit next week, so I can really strip down. (Of course, that leaves the question of what to wear the week after that.)

Back to the 25 pounds I’ve lost in the last year: when I talked with the nutritionist in July of 2012, she advised me that the most successful and sustainable weight loss occurs when you “sneak up on it.” She was in favor of about a half pound a week, or less. I certainly find that managing to lose two pounds a month is very challenging for me. I sit in those Monday morning meetings and I listen to women who’ve lost fifty pounds in a year (it’s taken me more than three years to lose 52 pounds). I’m impressed by their determination.

In the long run (all puns intended), I guess it doesn’t matter how fast I lose this weight, as long as I never gain it back. I’ve already kept the first twenty-five pounds off for two years–that’s how much I lost the first year I was focused on losing weight. That next year? That was the year I started working out, and my weight was pretty much unchanged over that year, maybe for that reason, but more likely it was because I stopped keeping track of what I was eating when. I do know that was the year I learned that lots of vigorous exercise is not enough to allow you to eat whatever you want whenever you want!