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Musings on weight loss

Musing on weight loss: I had an interesting conversation with a woman at the pool today. She was commenting that she needed a new bathing suit, as she had lost fifty pounds. My curiosity was instantly aroused, of course, and I asked her how long it had taken: seven months. She eliminated “seven food groups” that she had food insensitivity to, at the recommendation of a doctor. (Note that I managed not to snort at the idea of being advised to eliminate seven food groups, although now (of course) I’m wondering if “cake” and “soda” count as food groups.) (Seriously, are there seven food groups? I really wish I’d asked what she can eat.) She complained about the cost of a whole new wardrobe. She complained that her doctor now wants her to add in more exercise because her weight loss has “stalled.”

As most people who know me know at this point, it’s taken me three-and-a-half years to lose 57 pounds. I didn’t need to replace my wardrobe all at once–I’m still wearing some clothes (stuff that was *really* tight when I started) and others I replaced as I wore them out. I’ve gotten really good at shrinking sweaters just a little bit (they get warmer when you do that, too).

I have been impatient with my weight loss from day one. But I have come over time to see my very slow weight loss as a huge advantage. Because it results from small incremental changes in what I eat and how I spend my time, I don’t see those changes as temporary. I find myself thinking that I’ve kept those first twenty pounds off for 2.5 years; thirty-five total for 1.5 years… It’s not the loss that’s hard, it’s the keeping the weight from sneaking back–and I’ve gotten really good at that.

Ice and snow and a weekend report

We had snow followed by frozen rain last night. Everything is coated with about a quarter-inch of ice, including the sidewalks and roads. Everything I planned to do today has been cancelled. It’s too icy to go for a walk, much less a run, and I feel restless and kind of claustrophobic.

Berries and Ice

Berries and Ice

I am kind of surprised by how restless I feel. It’s a snow day! I should feel like lazing around drinking hot chocolate–but I want desperately to go for a run or a walk or something. I put on my trail running shoes, which have pretty good traction, and guess what? they don’t have enough traction for the layer of ice that’s covering everything. I couldn’t make it ten feet from our back door. So maybe I can run later, after things thaw, but for now I’m stuck in the house.

I went up to Elma, Washington for an AKC trial this weekend. One of my plans for 2016 is to try more AKC, because I’m not very good at it, which to me is a challenge. Saturday was a bit of a disaster. No distance and a dropped bar in FAST. I slipped and fell on my ass while running Rush in Time to Beat–we still finished well under time, but he did drop a bar, and I sent him on an off-course, and so on. Jumpers was another dropped bar, and Standard was (if I remember correctly) two off-courses.

Sunday was much better, which bolsters my theory that the key to doing AKC courses is to do AKC courses. Rush was one of two dogs to qualify in Excellent FAST, with 75 points and a first place. Onward to Time to Beat, where I threw all caution away–because I can’t run him and be cautious–and he ran the fastest time of all the dogs, not just of all the 24″ dogs, and earned himself a ten-point Q.

And then I made the mistake of checking the weather forecast for Portland and I started worrying about getting home safely and what time we’d leave… and we had a refusal in Jumpers (and he still had the fastest time in the entire class, but no Q because of the refusal) and we had a few more problems in Standard but he had an absolutely amazing table performance, catching the edge of the table perfectly without needing an extra stride. Rush was awesome but I need to be completely and utterly focused on running him or I screw up. It’s a good lesson for the New Year.