Daily Archives: February 1, 2016

What I did instead of agility….

I really believe it’s good for me, and good for the dogs, to take some time off from agility and training agility. This year, Jay and I went to Palm Springs for almost three weeks, and all I did with the dogs was take them for walks and runs in the park near our rental house. Jay taught Rush a new game with his favorite toy (this one: Grandma Hippie Chick). Grandma makes a very strange noise when squeaked and it makes me laugh and Rush justĀ loves the toy. He loves it so much that he will sit and stay sitting when Jay throws it, then bring it back to Jay immediately so he’ll throw it again. But the new game they figured out? Jay asks Rush to sit and wait–and Jay goes off and hides the toy. Under a cushion, under the bed, on the bookshelf… and Rush searches and searches until he finds it. His persistence was amazing.

Besides playing with the dogs, I did a lot of running. At least, it felt like a lot at the time, although when I add it up, it was only about 15 miles a week. I ran a flat 5K race through Palm Springs, and finished 3rd in my age group (of 26, so that’s actually pretty cool). They gave me a medal for that.

palm springs 5k 2016 victory photo small

Jay and I did a fair amount of bicycling–he did a lot more than I did, in fairness. And I hired a swim coach for an hour to check my stroke and to work on re-learning how to do a flip turn. It was a sunny-weather boot camp of sorts, I guess. I did a few hikes in the Indian Canyons as well, on the Cahuilla Indian trails. They do an amazing job of caring for the trails and I feel safe hiking alone there. I hiked out to the Stone Pools, which are a set of springs that are the result of the earthquake fault that creates Palm Canyon.