Struggles with weight loss, part 77.83

Back in January, during what I think of as “New Year’s Resolution Season,” I ran across a website called, which is intended to help you keep said New Year’s Resolutions. You can, with a referee or not, bet against yourself as far as keeping your resolutions. If you bet $100, for example, that you’ll lose ten pounds in six months, you can keep the money if you’re successful, but if you’re not, it goes to an organization that you name, presumably one that you do NOT want receiving your money. There are choices like the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, etc.

You can also just use it to nag you once a week as to how your progress is going–without putting up any money at all.

So I signed up for a weekly report on whether I was meeting my weekly weight loss goal toward losing 11 pounds in 24 weeks. Now this is a fairly small weekly loss–about six ounces–and mostly I find such a tiny weight weekly loss very frustrating. I’d love to lose poundage faster and more easily, but it really is hard to even lose such a small amount (that’s less than an ounce a day).

However, once a week I log in to Stickk and I log my weight, and so far I’ve met or beaten my weekly goal for 7 weeks now, and I’m finding that ridiculously satisfying, because it’s a steady reminder that I *will* get there, even if it’s slower than I’d like.

I was thinking about this long effort to lose weight recently–July will be four years!–and I was mentally comparing it to a long road trip. When you start a road trip, you have to get organized, plan, pack, load the car–and then off you go, swooping over to the interstate and cruisin’ on down the road. You stop, walk the dog sometimes, walk yourself sometimes, sometimes you stop overnight. Then you’re back on the highway and speeding along. But eventually, you get close to your destination and you’re on local roads, and you’re searching for the address, and your forward progress is slow, and maybe you have to circle the block to find the right driveway.

Right now? I’m looking for my exit from the highway–but I still have some distance to the destination. It’s okay that it’s slow–I’ll still get there.