What I think when you say “my dog needs a new handler”

I am so tired of hearing people say “my dog needs a better/different/faster/more experienced handler” INSTEAD of saying “I am going to work to be the best handler I can be for my dog.” After all, unless you want to rehome your dog, your dog is stuck with YOU as a handler. So you have a choice: train your dog to deal with your deficiencies as a handler OR become a better handler. I have seen a lot of people who clearly chose to train their dog to check in, slow down, take extra strides to cope with a late cue… but it does NOT have to be that way. You can choose to try to run faster (lose weight, run intervals), give cues at the speed your dog needs, train distance… you can choose to do what it takes.

No, my friends and enemies, it’s not easy. I agree. But you can decide to do something about it, or you can make jokes at your own expense. I know what I chose.