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Photos from last weekend

Some photos from Nina Sage taken last weekend.

He's yelling at me because I'm late... then makes the turn anyway. Photos by Nina Sage.

Dancer--photo by Nina Sage

Rush is very photogenic!

Joe Camp, agility photographer supreme, was at the CAT trial this weekend and was kind enough to take a few photos of Rush. He’s now almost ten months, taller than Dancer by a smidge, and a hard-driving well-coordinated boy. Here he is, chasing his ball:

Rush catches the ball (photo by Joe Camp)

Rush relaxes

When Rush is really tired, he sleeps on his belly with his legs stretched out behind him. It’s taken me a while to get a picture of this, because as soon as he wakes up he goes into a more common curl on his side. Jay caught him just as he was waking up.

Rush relaxes

Out at the Delta

It’s been a very wet spring, and it snowed a lot in the Cascades, and the Columbia River (and its tributaries) were at flood stage (like so many rivers around the country) for much of May and June. But finally the water is receding.

In this picture, you can see what the Convergence Trail looked like on June 1st, 2011 and what it looked like June 30th. I’ll note that normally the Convergence Trail is not under water at all!

Two views of the Convergence Trail, June 1 and June 30, 2011